Guest Comments

"Enjoy a fantastic getaway at A Majestic Mountain Retreat where proprietors Becca and Richard Niday treat their Guests like royalty. This luxurious cabin is one of the best in the Northwest"

- Gerry Frank, Travel Oregon Recommendation
The Oregonian, Sunday 3rd January, 2016

"Gerry Franks Oregon" complete Oregon Guidebook, where he also mentioned AMMR in his forward as one of his favorites, is available through

Hi Becca! I wanted to tell you just how perfect our trip to Mt. Hood (and the Majestic Mountain Retreat) was. I have traveled quite a bit with my husband, all over the country, and I am very picky about accommodations. I only the book the best, because I believe its worth it! I also have learned how sometime places can make their accommodations look really spectacular on-line, and then not meet expectations upon arrival. I have to say, when we pulled up to the property, with night settling, the ground glistening, and the lodge all aglow with Christmas lights, I was THRILLED! The lodge looks like something that you would see featured on television or in a magazine, inside and out. My kids (after a very early morning departure and hours of travel) were giddy with excitement, while Ben and I were just slack-jawed at the beauty of it all.

Our amazement did not end with the first impression either. Throughout the weekend, we were continually blown away with how you seemed to have thought of everything we could possibly need to be more comfortable. The beds were cozy! The fully equipped and perfectly organized kitchen was large enough to accommodate several people at once. We had 14 people and not once were we standing in line for a bathroom or waiting on warm water! That's amazing all on its own! Then there are the down blankets, the cozy robes and spa towels, the HUGE dvd collection (my kids loved that), the VIEW out every window, the fireplace that seemed to keep every room in the house warm but not hot. Then there was the always available hostess. Not once did we get your voicemail, not once did you hesitate to come make sure all was taken care of. I love vacations, but usually by the end of a vacation, I feel ready to go, ready for my own bed, my own kitchen, my own space... this is the first place I have visited where I feel like I could have stayed and stayed. Our families made some amazing memories on this trip, and as my six year-old said about 50 times on the long trip home, "This was the best vacation ever! I can't wait to come back!"

Thanks so much for helping make that happen.

- Jillian and Benjamin
Cedar Hills, Texas

When a person creates Magic it takes more than great materials and decorating - it takes love and heart. Thanks for passing these gifts on to us. Your cabins has given us pure happiness.

- Mollie and Jim B
Karen and Rod
Tacoma, WA and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This has to be the most tranquil place in Oregon. Every room has painstaking attention to perfection. We loved the flannel sheets and warmth from the wood burning fireplace. On a cold rainy weekend in January this was a wonderful relaxing retreat. We played games, drank great wine, laughed with friends and enjoyed every minute at this retreat. We will look forward to our next vacation here! Thank you for letting us use this amazing home.

- The Snippers, Larsons and Lyons

What a marvelous place! It is truly a soulful experience! Thank you for everything. We will definitely stay in touch, I wish you Peace.

- Sandra
Cleveland, OH

This is a good retreat. The people were so friendly and helpful. You went above and beyond! Thanks you for sharing your spirit. Don't forget to let me know when you start the Serenity candle line!

- Tanya
Houston, TX

Magnificent Wonderful Fun Beautiful Fantastic Terrific Awesome Relaxing Great Lovely really Nice Marvelous Serene

Our family (all 15) were so surprised and pleased with the beauty and peace of this lovely home and the surroundings. Thanks for making this place available to share.

- Edd, Shirley, Kathy, Mont, Andrea, Scott, Reed, Johnson, Perry, Becky, Logan, Zack, Jaden, Hollister, Eric, Evelyn, Emily, Ely, Tricia

Another Awesome White Circus Masters Camp - thanks in large part to Serenity. This awesome kitchen helped a ton, the 2nd fridge, the spice drawer, hot tub, deck, fireplace. Amazing Home. Thanks so Much!

- Brie and Donny
White Circus Camp 2011

It has been said so many times before but we cannot leave without telling you how much we enjoyed Serenity. We spent a weekend of relaxing and catching a bit of peaceful time with our family. From the moment we arrived, we knew we were in for a weekend we would talk about and remember for years to come! Until we meet again

- The Fritzlers

Christmas 2011

The ideal place to soak in the true joys of Life . . . . . Family.

Love this home for Christmas! Room and things to do. Memories made here will last forever - thank you to my entire family for making this happen!

Devon and Kristen's Mom Jessica

This house is awesome! I think my family and I are in heaven : I really love it! So does my family and I love it! I hope we can come back here, I hope we get to see snow.

- Kristen, 11 years old

What a place to have Christmas! Room for all!

Thank you so much for providing such a fabulous setting for our Family Christmas! From the edible fruit centerpiece to the amazing truffles to the really enjoyable Oregon Pinot : And Richard thank you f0r doing the "dirty work"!

- Nursipoo and Clan

Our Family has thoroughly enjoyed our stay in your beautiful home. We loved all the amenities. We were able to enjoy ourselves in comfort after a great Timberline Hike. Thanks for a great stay!

- Gary and Alexis

Wonderful House. Great times here in the trees with a bunch of Monkeys! Thank you for your incredible hospitality.

- Billy and Amy

Thank you very much for opening your place to my family. This was truly a special gift and we enjoyed every minute of our stay.

- Chris and Roxanne

Weather was Beautiful! Had lots of fun just relaxing on the deck. Very warm and cozy in the rooms. Love the view and cool mountain breezes. Spent a day each at ZigZag Falls, Trillium Lake and Timberline Lodge. Wonderful vacation, going to miss this incredible retreat.

- Sabrina, Tatum, Tayor, Mike, Laura, Stephen, Tom, Ella and Penna

Thank you so much for everything. This place really added a great memory to our family gathering. It is really a beautiful place. I do hope that we will all be back soon.

- PJ

Hi! I'm Mackenzie! It's my first day here and so far I LOVE It! I decided to go exploring! I decided to tell you about it. Well I just saw a beautiful butterfly fly by! It looked like the ones in books! In this area I especially like how it feels like your in the middle of nowhere. Well, I'd tell you more but I don't want to take up too much space .. . so bye!

We loved your cabin and had a great time. We created memories with our kids that will last a lifetime. Thank you for everything!

- The Hunters

Fabulous House! Great Vacation! Awesome Skiing and Exploring!! Thanks for everything!

- Beech Mt (NC) Ski Team

Beautiful Log Home! Interesting looking at the construction of the home - also the landscaping is perfect. The caps over the stairs - I like it. We relaxed, Alpine Slides, Zip Line, Bungees and Hiked! Great time for our Family and friends! Thanks and hopefully we didn't scare off the locals

- The Sanders

2011 MLK Flood Stories

I write to tell a story
A story yet untold
About a group of Redneck People
Who are tough and smart and bold
Two full hours of skiing
Was all we could attain
Snuffed out by Mother Nature
With a deluge of wind and rain
Held like hostages at the cabin
But no one seemed to pout
Even when the news came
That Lolo Road washed out
Without the lights and the phone
Our toughness shone so bright
As we laughed through a movie
And sipped wine most of the nite
As nightfall left and morning came
We assessed the situation
And realized at a simple glance
That hell had met our vacation
As the river raged and rumbled on
We quickly packed our stuff
And hiked through the forest
Again, because we are so tough
Will we come back, no one knows
So much yet to discern
Our stuff still here
And the road is still out
And that is of great concern

Thanks Becca and Richard,

- The Browns, Gildersleeves, Buettner and Mobley

(editors note - they booked again for next years MLK weekend!)

We were excited to come for the third time, but this trip was a lot different . . .
It rained, it poured. We all claimed it would snow. Great breakfasts by the chef. Very little skiing and snow boarding. Sandy River breaking Loose and flooding. BOOM!!! Flicker . . . Flicker … Power is out. Foosball, movies on laptops, intense card games and very warm blankets.
Woosh woosh of wind whistling in the trees…
Getting ready to hike back to the middle of nowhere, which I'm not really sure where that is.

- The Skamaniaks (with lots of alcohol and cards)

What a sense of peace and relaxation this beautiful home provides. We had a wonderful time sledding, teaching our 6 year old poker, relaxing and skiing. Your attention to detail is everywhere. This is truly a special place. Thank you!

- The Baxter Family
Portland, Oregon

What an extraordinary experience to stay here. To arrive, travel-weary and be packed off to the hot tub, to eat an incredible dinner among new friends, to sleep in a nest of a bed and wake in the morning and make coffee, looking out to a full moon that still somehow managed to still be in the sky. And write - feeling all the space and imagination in the world just waiting, held in the walls of such a lovingly crafted place. Thank you. What a gift this was . . .

- Erica Bauermeister, Author of the International Bestseller
The School of Essential Ingredients

The four of us were surprised and delighted when we drove up and saw this place. The pictures on the Internet do not do it justice. We all fell in love with this place: Serenity aptly describes the atmosphere. There is much love invested in this house which is really a home and that is no small feat in a rental property. "Serenity": has a distinct Personality and all of us were honored to be able to enjoy the hospitality this property offered us. Beautiful sights and sounds, marvelous hiking, hanging and bonding. I would recommend this place to absolutely anyone who wanted an Oregon experience and truly get away from it all.

- Kathy, Bob, Jane and Jim
Topeka, Kansas

What an amazing retreat! To step outside of mundane reality is a treat, but to completely lose yourself was only made possible by the welcome and beautiful, majestic Serenity Lodge! Becca's warmth and hospitality was very much appreciated with open arms and blessings. I will definitely be back as I was able to forget about life and simply RELAX! Perfect for friends and loved ones! Thanks Serenity!

- Seth and Guests

Our second visit in one year, serenity provided us with time for relaxation and good times. The beautiful surroundings and gorgeous house were the perfect backdrop for a reunion of family and beloved friends. We look forward to a return trip o your beautiful home. Thank you for your generosity, we all had a wonderful time.

Bill, Melissa, Mark, Sally, Chuck, Julie, Terra and Tim

Becca and Richard, I cant wait to return AGAIN! Love it here : Sally

Richard and Becca; You are such a blessing in our lives and we are counting on you as dear friends after our 3rd stay here at Serenity! Your love, warm hospitality, creative minds and compassionate hearts are unforgettable. You continue to share what God has given you with others ... we are so thankful for you. Serenity ... as always ... was amazing. We are refreshed and inspired! Our family had a blast and Mike and I felt like we were on our 2nd Honeymoon! Loved your truffles. Take care

- The Roots (M,J,A,M,K,K,K,K)
Dalles, Oregon

WOW!! What a great place and remarkable host! We loved everything - the weather for everything! The truffles were Amazing! Thank you Becca! Your gift from God is certainly Hospitality & warm love for others! The home is so warm and inviting! Thank you for letting us stay here!

- Bill, Cathy & the Kids
Abilene, Texas

Serenity is peaceful and beautiful, but it is also a work of art and a labor of love, by master craftsman, Richard, who built it, along with his wife, Becca. You won't find two nicer, more accomodating people. A large bowl of fruit welcomed us, and Becca reviewed the "essentials" of the home. We celebrated my 60th bithday, with family and friends of all ages, and everyone had a great time. This unique, well designed, spacious, and comfortable home is a treasure! The gourmet kitchen opens to a family room with firelace, and a large deck that is the perfect place to gather for a glass of wine, a meal, or to take in the beauty of nature and quietly read a book. There's a hot tub with large towels and various sized flip flops provided. This beautiful log home has everything, and is waiting for you to visit. We did, and we had a fun, relaxing, and simply fantastic time. We will be back soon!

- Susan J, family and friends
Portland, OR

We so enjoyed staying at Serenity. It was a perfect place to celebrate my son's 40th Birthday - and what a surprise to him to see his family here from Georgia and Idaho. It was a great place for the 7 children to play and enjoy nature. We definitely will want to return for future family get-togethers. Thank you so much!

- Becky, Glen, Cindy, Emily, Colin, Wade, Debbie, Anna, Nathan, Matt, Sydney, Caleb, Liam and Wesley

We had a wonderful Time in "Serenity'! Between the foosball, poker and other games, it was truly a family retreat. Thanks for your hospitality!

- The Reynolds

Becca and Richard,

We can't thank you enough for sharing this lovely home with us. This house was built with kindness and we truly appreciate every thoughtful gesture. My favorite place is the kitchen! We will see you very soon my friends!!

- Mary and David
Dallas Texas

From Around the Web:

We loved your beautiful Log Cabin Retreat! I feel very lucky to have been able to spend my 41st Birthday Celebration here. We enjoyed your GRAND Home. The amazing beauty of the TREES and view of Mt Hood, the comfy Hot Tub, cozy fire, settling in with the many good books and magazines, watching movies, playing chase with our almost 3 year old, eating the delicious truffles you were so gracious to have made and just relaxing in the comfy couches! We wish we could stay one more night - even our daughter Violet wants to stay! Weather was beautiful - able to drive a little to go sledding! Enjoyed the view of the full moon in Sunday night. We will be back!

- Patricia, Rick and little Violet
Portland, Oregon

The Gularte Clan loves your home. Thank you SO much for sharing it with us. The Snow was awesome! The setting was peaceful and our Spring Break was perfect. Thank you. We will be back!

- The Gulartes

This was the perfect getaway for the Mogel clan - beautiful setting - great accommodations! We will definitely be letting everyone we know about Serenity! We will be back again!

- Kole, KayCee, Rhyan, Dylan, Reyce and Kruz

Dear Becca and Richard,
This is just too amazing that not even words can say. I just wanted to say Thank you so much for everything you've done for the family and for letting us stay here.

- Erica

Thank you so much for all your hospitality and your wonderful home. May your future bless you tremendously. Hope to get to know you more through out the years to come.

- Jessica

This weekend was a Ladies Retreat. We were able to leave the chaos of our busy lives for a couple days. What a wonderful place to do it. It is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Thank you so much for a rest that was much needed.

- Ayrriell, Jonas and Kalub

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful place with us. You are a very kind soul. Hope to spend more time here in the future.

- Nicole P

I'm so thankful that we found this amazing, beautiful home to make our first trip to Oregon perfect.

Serenity - Absolutely stunning! We appreciate the hard work you put into this place.

Hospitality - No one has ever made us feel more welcome! We loved the fruit bowl and really enjoyed the homemade truffles! YUM!

We spent our time here viewing and exploring around Mt Hood, several falls and even going up Lolo Pass Road and playing in the snow. Our girls loved that.

We all enjoyed relaxing in the hot tub and just sitting and taking in the views. We are already talking about coming back and bringing friends with us.

- The Nabours Family
Suplhur, Louisiana

Thank you Becca and Richard for setting the stage for a completely relaxing and fun filled weekend. We were in awe of the Autumn beauty and thoroughly enjoyed the luxurious furnishings of your gorgeous home. Enjoyed all the amenities ... hot tub, hammock, played lots of games, great selection of books, music, movies ... we took it all in. memorable way to spend our 19th Anniversary and Bethany's 16th Birthday with friends. Thanks so much.

- John, Bonnie, Bethany, Kevin and Friends

Thank you for providing such a beautiful house to celebrate my husbands 60th Birthday with our family. You have thought of all the details even down to the Delicious Truffles and bowl of fresh fruit! We all had a wonderful time and the 3 year old really enjoyed being able to throw snowballs up at Timberline with the first snow of the year! We had lots of good food, drank good wine, played foosball, watched movies and talked by the fire. Thanks again for everything.

- The Jacobs and Family

Mahalo Nui Loa (thank you so much) for opening your beautiful home to us. WE laughed, we cried, we ate, we had a beautiful time.

- Mike, Gilda. Joseph, Jonathan, Savannah, Marta, Ruben, Vanna and Rasha
The Ciraulo and Pecoraro Family Vacation 2010

From Around the Web:

We had a great time in your beautiful home. I can't think of a better place to spend my 30th Birthday. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality.

- Katie, Tom, Gayla, Josh, Jake, Erin, Peyton, Cohan, Jessica and Rich

End of a week of preparation, planning, family and friends and culminating in the marriage of our daughter Janna to her beloved Daniel. We enjoyed our stay and especially the beautiful surroundings.

- The Chaneys

Thank you so much for letting us be here with friends and family for our wedding weekend! We are very fortunate to have discovered your wonderful house to spend this magical and special time in. The energy here is so warm, positive and comfortable. Everything was perfect! The handmade truffles and the wine were so thoughtful and delicious! I can't think of a better place to have had our wedding gathering. Thank you so much for opening your beautiful home to us. What amazing memories we will have for the rest of our lives!

As we live our lives together, we hope to return as often as we can, having said our sacred vow's on the base of your front steps, and remember the love, the fun, the frees … with much gratitude.

- Heather and Shalynn
Portland, OR

WPRC Parents Week
Western PA Race Club

Great way to spend a beautiful week enjoying Mt Hood's activities! Our kids raced, we played! Great home - great hikes - great weather! Your home provided everything we needed. Thanks!

- Kim, Kristan, Nell, Fred, Paige, Tammy, Tom & Deb

Thank you so very much for sharing your lovely home. We had a restful and wonderful break (even with a two year old!) from "daily life". Serenity is ideal & perfect & I know that we will be back to enjoy it once again. All our best until next time.

- Kristina, Kevin, Flynn and Patricia
Portland, OR
San Antonio, TX

I LOVE your house! The energy is fabu! I just absolutely love my sunrise yoga and the hot tub is fantastic.

With love,

- Nicole, Lanryn, Lori, John, Susanna, Tom, Alakai, Kaiwa
Tacoma Washington

The Baker Family thoroughly enjoyed our retreat here! The walls might still be echoing from our rowdy card games, which included a thorough smack-talking session! We loved the serene setting; many books were read and wine was drank. A splendid time had by all!
Thank you again!

- Wayne, Janice, Bryan, Jacinta, Isaac, Nolan, Darrell, Courtney, Drik, Kellie, Mike, Kindra, Andrew and Grandpa Bill

Thank you for an amazing vacation. The home was simply amazing and the hospitality beyond our expectations. Everything was thought of here. We can't wait to come back and share this treasure with our friends and families.

- Alissa and George
Portland, Oregon

Loved the Majestic Log Home ... Loved the peace ... Loved the surrounding trails - Mc Neil Pt. ... Loved the location ... Loved the equipped kitchen ... Loved the decks, hot tub & more ... and Loved the hospitality of Becca.

- The Sampson Family

Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous cabin. Everything was even more than we had hoped for. The BEST sculpting retreat ever! Hope to visit again. Would love to have one just like it . . . may contact you! Thank you Becca!

- Shawna

- Tami

Thank you SO much for letting us stay in your amazing cabin. It's Magical. It's the best weekend we have had in a long time. We bonded tremendously, (we needed it.)

- Washougal High School Chamber Choir

Thank you SOOO much for the experience of enjoying your home. We spent the say on the front balcony enjoying a glass of wine and watching the fall leaves. We have another name for the cabin "Magical Majestic Mountain Retreat"! We hope to come back during the winter snow season. Thanks again for your hospitality.

- Mark and Cathy
- Larry and Jan
- Bonnie and Al
Tigard, Oregon

I don't remember when I have been so relaxed or slept as well as I did while I was there.

- Barbara Silberbusch
Los Angeles, California

Everything about Serenity inspired me! This is a place where you not only see beauty everywhere you turn, but you can actually feel it. Being at Serenity is a very healing experience.

- Mark Edgar Stephens,
Life Coach, Motivational Speaker,
TV Personality, and Author

Natural and man-made beauty never looked so good together. I wish I could stay forever.

- Mark Pedersen
Portland, OR

At every turn, we were impressed with the attention to detail. From the kitchen supplies to the
showerhead, from the furniture to the sheets and pillows, everything on the property was exactly the way we would like our actual home. The result was that we felt at ease, no worries in the world. Part of that feeling came from the architecture, but most of that came from the gorgeous mountains and tall trees that envelop the guests and draw our attention through the huge windows in all directions. We will be back over and over again."

- David Shorter and Nick Quattrocchi

Our time up here far exceeded our expectations with all the comforts of home fused with the beauty of nature. We have never been more relaxed or comfortable on a vacation as we have been here.

- Steve W.
Portland, OR

What a wonderful experience we had at Serenity. The beauty of trees and woods, coupled with the exquisite comforts of this magnificent log home, have made for a marvelous vacation. We simply couldn't have asked for a better time anywhere.

- Tony & Carrole Cossa
Douglassville, PA

Serenity is the perfect name for this amazing home. The scenery and home provide the most relaxing retreat! We love all the details and amenities - everything is perfectly set up for a retreat in the wilderness! We appreciate all the hard work and planning that went into this wonderful place. It provided the perfect vacation spot for our family. Everything is perfect - Thank you!

- Denise, Kevin & Caitlain
Tigard, OR

What a blessing! Thank you so much for sharing your amazing home! We loved every second! We loved the big porch off the kitchen! Great place to watch a storm!

- The Stamnes
Tualatin, OR

Serenity took us in her heart and provided a place for all our lives to bond; she kept us with all her beauty, within all her warmth and gave us a place to make memories that will effect our lives forever."

- Scott and Joann Blanton
Christmas 2007

What a great weekend - Ski, Snowshoe and Guitar Hero. Great Place!!

- Lautenbach Clan

We had such a wonderful time in this beautiful home. Thank you for sharing it with us. We have been surrounded by a breathtaking Winter Wonderland whilst enjoying complete luxury here. We feel spoiled!"

- Simon, Jo, Charlotte and Amy

Lovely, Luxurious, Peaceful, Relaxing, Comfortable!
Thank you for sharing Serenity with our Family! We are refreshed and ready for real life again!
We hope to come again!

- The Roots M,J,M,M,K,K,K,K

We had a wonderful time in your beautiful house! Your hard work really shows!
Thank you for your hospitality! If we ever win the lottery, we will certainly call you!

- Mark, Bettina, Hansen and Jack Booth
Murphy Texas

Thank you SO MUCH!! We had such a wonderful time. It was so relaxing and beautiful. The atmosphere of this place is so comforting. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. We will definitely be back!!

- Jennifer, Dave and Tanner Lofin
Salem, Oregon

Beautiful Home. Beautiful Views. We had a great time. - the kids learned to ski! Hope to be back.

- The Welins
Oak Park, California

What can I say - it was spectacular! Kids learned to ski, parents relaxed, it was a fabulous spring break. Thank you.

- The Duerfeldts
Oak Park, California

6.8.48 - No, that isn't an error on the date - I was born 60 years ago today and my daughter and her husband "gifted" me today with my 60th Birthday Party here. What a fabulous party! Great friends, fabulous food (my "kids' are chefs), and an assortment of friends dating back 35 + years - all came together in this perfect retreat. I instantly felt at home - thank you so much for providing the perfect setting for a perfect experience.

- Dale Thompson

Our families travel once a year … coming from Michigan, South Carolina, Georgia and California. Serenity was the prefect setting for this year's vacation. Your home is beautiful and we enjoyed our stay. Thank you.

- Brenda, Abigail and Chris
Jodi, Emily, Ethan and Micky
Holly, Maddie, Sophie and Scott
Julie. Drew, Emma and Darren

"Two wonderfuls" in one week. Obama wins and now this! It is indeed majestic, comfortable and so close to nature. We had a great hike up Romona Falls trail today. Saw a Great Blue Heron up on the power lines near the beaver pond yesterday. You have a great relaxing home. Thank you for sharing with us (and our kids : ) I wish it never had to end but that's what makes it so special. Take care

- Bruce and Carmen

Serenity is the perfect word. Being here is serene. Beauty, nature, friends and fun - what a great way to give Thanks! The love and care you have out into this amazing home is evident at every step. We felt so taken care of and it was a wonderful week of relaxation. Thank you so much! Can't wait to come back! Here's to M & H 09!

- Nick and David

WOW! Thank you - it was a grand 8 days. The sled run was amazing for the first two days until it melted! The fireplace was cozy . . . thanks for the great firewood. The hot tub is a hit with all ages . . . we enjoyed the beauty and luxury but most welcoming was your special homey touch. You have a special gift for making us feel special! We love it . . . it keeps us coming back. We are already talking about being here next year. Your photography skills are great . . . you have great ambition! May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you with peace and joy.

- Love the Roots:
Dalles, Oregon

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful home for our Family Holiday get together - and the beautiful snow made it even more magical!

- The Middeltons "et al"

What a wonderful house! We had a blast! We hope to come back next year.

- Mobleys, Browns and Gildersleeves
Skamania County

Thank you for everything
We had a great time
The Weather was great
As I wrote this rhyme
We skied for 3 days
And ate some great food
We hope to come back
So thanks a bunch dude!

- Browns, Mobleys and Gildersleeves

Loved your place . . . we just wish it was for sale! (won the lottery Friday night, had some extra cash)

- K Jakkie

We laughed, we cried.

- M O'Tooihan

I slept in the hot tub!

- J "Huds" Huddleston

Debs 60th Birthday Retreat

Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful mountain retreat. We all feel so blessed to be here. Your amazing truffles sustained us the entire weekend. What a luxurious, comforting and life-affirming experience!

- Deb, Janet, Jowee, Karen, Jennifer, Moon, Kim

Our Holiday Ski Trip

This house is awesome - I Loved being here.
The weekend was perfect. We loved the home. It was perfect in every way! We skied, played games, fixed wonderful meals, laughed a lot, got to know each other better, merged two families .. . we will be back!! A Special Valentine Weekend

- Jan, Jeff, Tyler, Wally, Lindsay, Maddie, Jodie, Janelle, Zach, Greg, Mike

We had a wonderful time. I just moved out to Oregon and had yet to see Mt Hood and the hills. This was the perfect place to do so. THe hospitality was great and it was nice to spend time with my boyfriend and his great family. This is definitely a Christmas to remember!

- Susan and Brian

We truly had a Christmas to remember here! Thank you so much for the amazing memories . . . family, food, snow, fire, hot tub and music.

- The Grants
PS - the sled run is fantastic!

Such a lovely place to spend our family "Christmas". Beautiful scenery, gorgeous house and much thought has gone into making our stay very pleasant : May God bless you for wanting to share your passions with others!

- The Brovonts
Pasco, WA

Thank you for the use of your lovely cabin! We enjoyed out time relaxing, sledding and feasting! The kitchen was especially enjoyed - along with the appliances and seasonings. Gods blessings amid his awesome creation!

- Ryan and Kathy

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity you've made available to us … a place to share, a place to view Gods magnificent creation, and a great place to make wonderful memories! And pictures - if we remember our camera tripod! : God has blessed you with a lovely place in a peaceful and 'serene' setting . . . a great place to hear His still small voice and experience a little of His peace . . . Thanks for opening your home and sharing this with others! May God continue to bless you. It was a great Christmas!!

- Shawn and Anne
Blake, Brooke, Breana, Alaxa and Kedron

Thank you SO much for letting us stay! I must say you have a nice house, spacious, luxurious and independent - one of a kind.

- Harrison Wallace

Thank you so much for letting us stay in your beautiful Majestic Mountain Retreat! It was so nice to be able to sit back by the fire or in the hot tub after a long day at the mountain. The boys especially loved playing chess and poker late into the night! Although the boys were convinced that, with no cell service we were caught in a horror film. Thank you so much.

- Carrabassett Valley Academy
Carrabassett Maine

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